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Other Coverages:

Coverage Options:

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Other Jewelry Insurance:

  • Accounting
  • Bank Vault Coverage
  • Customer Property
  • Employee Theft Coverage
  • Furniture, Fixture, Equipment, Improvements & Betterments
  • Giftware (may include breakage)

IJU Agency Ltd.

Jewelry Insurance 

Coverage Options:

For more than 25 years IJU has been working around the world to help protect businesses from potential losses. Our Brokers are committed to assisting our Clients, anywhere and anytime they may need us. One popular policy for those in the industry is our unique JB Policies. Our policies are designed for most types of jewelry operations. Possible covered losses include but are not limited to: burglary, robbery, sneak theft, fire, and water damage.

  • Shipping
  • Show Window
  • Stock/Inventory 
  • Trade Shows
  • Trunk Shows
  • Wearing Coverage

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  • Memo
  • Merchandise Left Out of Sage Overnight
  • Money On & Off Premises
  • Patterns, Molds, Models & Dies
  • Personal Conveyance / Travel
  • Property Damage

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