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loss if the diamond were to slip out of its mounting while on the walk home from work.

Diamond Insurance has three forms. Actual Cost Value (ACV), Replacement Cost, and Agreed Value. Each type has its own merits and should be considered when purchasing your policy. The type that you choose will depend on how you wish to be compensated in case of a loss . More importantly the choice that you make should be dependent on the item you are looking to insure.

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Weather you are making the decision to purchase a diamond as an investment, gift or to wear it is always important to have the right amount of coverage. For example, if the diamond was purchased as an investment, an insurance policy may protects the insured from an unforeseen loss such as a theft or natural disaster. On the other hand, if you purchased the diamond as a gift should the item not be protected in case of a mysterious disappearance? Finally if you purchased the diamond to wear, an insurance policy may protect you from a total...